Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mother Declares She Supports Her Children Being Gay [VIDEO]

Mother Declares She Supports Her Children Being Gay [VIDEO]

From AT2W Blog:

The mother on this video is one we would call uneducated and nonspiritual. We would say this because she is announcing on her video that both her daughter and son are homosexual and she is proud of it for them. She allows them to bring their friends over in the lifestyle as well. She states she'd rather them be at the house 'vogue-ing' as she calls it, than for them to be out in the streets doing it. Its like how some parents think if they let their children smoke marijuana, drink or do other drugs at home, is better than them doing it in the streets. (BTW, to vogue is a modeling step or move that many gay men do as imitating supermodels on the runway.)

This mother recognizes that the gay lifestyle is dangerous as she says she knows the men, for instance, carouse around with many other men sexually. She also said that the men get used and abused in the streets and are no good physically but says its still ok with her.

See video below.

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