Tuesday, January 31, 2012

True Ex Gay Talk Support Call- Will You Join Us?

True Ex Gay Talk Support Call- Will You Join Us?

I posted another update about how some of you want us to start the support call again. I would like to start it again but we need a group of people who will commit to join as often as they can.

I would like to be of some support to anyone who wants it and it truly is my pleasure. So, with that being said, please read over the post and contact me with your responses to the survey. If you get my email updates or feeds, then you know you can contact me. If you are visiting for the first time and want to be a part of a support call, then please contact me.

Here's the post I wrote about our support call and what I would like to hear back from you.

God bless and I know that if you are reading this, you probably want support.

Thank You to My EGGW Family

Thank You to My EGGW Family

I just wanted to thank all of the people who have supported me since I started this outreach through my blog here at Ex Gay, God's Way (EGGW) and True Ex Gay Talk (TXGT). I have met so many people through this blog since I started it last May, that I am amazed at the transformations that God has performed in their lives.

I love those who have a willing heart to change and not just for themselves but because they want to please God in all they do. 

I just wanted to thank you for entrusting me to help encourage and guide you to a full life of righteousness. We all have our own process but we are all getting there, one day at a time. 

Everyone that I speak to should know that I am always available to talk because this is a family we have built. I appreciate you all for accepting me as well because I need you too in my walk with Christ.

So I am just wanting to thank you again for those of you who read this blog daily and how we get together and encourage one another. 

If I have spoken with you (and there are many whom I speak to on a daily basis), then I hope you don't mind me keeping in touch. For those of you who read the blog yet I have not spoken to, you are welcome to contact me. I am very open, honest and as real as they come so you can feel very comfortable with me. I am only here to show you what God can do. He does the rest.

May God bless you everyday and He give you strength that surpasses your understanding.

God bless!

How I Built a Relationship With My Son After Becoming Ex Homosexual

I think about when I first chose to follow my same sex attraction and became a homosexual. I remember my son was only 2 1/2 years when I starting meeting women. I was only 23 years old and was just on a road to fulfill my own desires after being hurt my the break up with his father. The break up was really just an excuse to pursue these feelings I had from childhood.

So, as I went on living my new life, I think back about how I never gave a thought about what this lifestyle would do to a baby. Well, let me tell the real truth. I DID have thoughts and some guilt but not enough to stop doing what I wanted to do. It  kind of makes me wonder why I never considered his childhood or his feelings about what life I was living. I used to have alot of guilt about it after the fact but I tried to maintain a close relationship with him.

I remember how I allowed my son to have to 'adjust' to my lifestyle as his family life. Essentially, that is just what it is. It's kind of strange to think of it but he grew up in a homosexual household and I never cared enough to not distort his life. Those are some real teachable moments that I can think back on and sometimes I still ask God for forgiveness.

But thank God that I was delivered from homosexuality while he was still young enough to get to know the real me that God wanted him to see. I remember talking with him often about how things affected him when he was only 8 and 9 years old. We'd talk about sex and God and how He really wanted us to live. I apologized to him for exposing him to such a life and he forgave me. Kids understand a lot more than what we think and I knew this. I found it necessary to do so because even though my 'gayness' was my lifestyle, I tried to build a good relationship with my son while he was growing up. I remember not having such a relationship with my parents, so all I had was my son and I couldn't ruin what God had given me. I would like to believe he saw what Jesus had done for me and he has respected me all of these years because I was true to God's word. God had done a mighty work in me and my son saw first hand what God can do.

As he is now a young adult, we still talk from time to time about how life was and he understands more about how people get into the life than most young adults would think. I do believe my life change was a testimony for him to ultimately live for Christ wholeheartedly.

So if you have children and are getting out of the lifestyle, talk with them now about it. You can help change how they may see the gay lifestyle and keep them from falling into it. They will appreciate your honesty, your tears and your concern for their lives. 

Just imagine: your testimony can be for your kids and they will know first hand that God can do anything!!

God bless!

Monday, January 30, 2012

For Discussion: Are Ex Gays Still On the Gaydar?

For Discussion: Are Ex Gays Still On The Gaydar?

I have had many people ask me this question and I have never addressed it here but I think its time to discuss it. I realize that being a homosexual or a lesbian, people feel there is some kind of sensor that gives off an instant attraction between two people or others that say "I'm gay too". This I believe many gays felt at one time or another. 

 But the issue is once someone is delivered from homosexuality or same sex attraction, are they still on what they call 'gaydar' radar? My answer to the question is simple. I believe that when a person was homosexual they naturally attracted other homosexuals. Even ex gays can still naturally feel or know whose gay. But do they have some branding on them that tells the world they used to be gay? Not necessarily. 

Let me break it down plainly if I may. Once a person has lived as a homosexual, they will know the spirit of homosexuality around them in people. Its all spiritual. Ex gays recognize the gay spirits because they used to live the lifestyle. Ex gays are interested in living for Christ not seeking out for gay dates and some gays appear to be on the prowl.

Now, what really is important here is keeping our minds on God and walking away from those that are 'looking out' for something. Let's face it, the world celebrates homosexuality in many ways and its all around us. If we don't keep our eyes on God and in His word, we can get distracted about who thinks we are gay. And trust me, Satan wants us to feel we have never changed.

So, if you feel like you have some 'gaydar' on you after being delivered, then you need to know that the enemy wants you to feel this way. Though God has delivered you and saved you, the enemy is not done trying to get your soul. 

Just remember that you belong to God now and Satan doesn't have a chance.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ex Gay Video Testimony Shares The Power of Jesus Christ [VIDEO]

Ex Gay Video Testimony Shares The Power of Jesus Christ [VIDEO]

Saturday, January 28, 2012

True Ex-Gay Talk Support Call Coming Back?

True Ex-Gay Talk Support Call Coming Back?

I have been getting some requests to restart my True Ex Gay Support Call again. I would like to restart our True Ex-Gay Talk Support Call again in the near future and have the call twice a month or more. This time around I would like to know who would actually come on the call on a fairly consistent basis. This call is for you and for any concerns or questions you may have for me or some issue you want to discuss. It is a private and confidential call. You can listen in or speak- whatever is comfortable for you.

(Read disclaimer below)

I would like to find out:

  • What days of the week are good for you? (I prefer during the weekday from Mon-Fri)
  • What times would be good for you? (I'd like to know between what hours from the earliest to the latest)
  • Would you be open to participate or listen in on the call with an anonymous name (if needed)?
  • Would you be committed to return to the call when it is available or announced?
  • What would you like to speak about on the call or have me discuss on the call?
  •  What ideas do you have for me?

As you can see, I am being as open as I can for you because I want to be able to be a support for you.

Go to True Ex Gay Talk page and read more about what we will do on the call.

Once I get some responses, I will post what we came up with and what I feel will be most convenient for you.

NOTE: God bless and don't keep me hanging. I really want to hear from you. If you have my personal number, just call or text me.

Disclaimer: The only time I may record is to get my responses to questions so I can create an audio with my voice only while I address questions or speak in general. No one's voice would be recorded or published unless agreed upon.

How Coming Out of the Closet, Let's God In

How Coming Out of the Closet, Let's God In

In my past experiences as a lesbian, when I came out of the closet to my family and friends, I thought it was the best thing for me. Well, what I mean is as a young woman with feelings I did not know what to do with, at the time I thought it was best for me to tell what I was feeling than to keep it in and live a double life.

Now, with that being said, coming out also resulted to my breakdown of becoming the woman God wanted me to be. While at the time, I felt getting it all out in the air to those that mattered to me was good, I had opened up a can of worms I did not know would leach onto me for many years.

I do thank God for how he allowed things to happen in my life though. I can't imagine not expressing it to anyone, getting married, having kids and ultimately destroying my life as I may have been on the down low. Yes, even women live on the down low too.

Though I would have rather not lived a life of homosexuality, if I had never revealed it, then how could God have changed me and delivered me? I know He used my sin to eventually turn me around and be a testimony for others. For those that never tell it and live in secret, they never allow God, in His time, to break the sin from them.

Are you living in secret as a lesbian or a homosexual? Have you kept it from everyone or those close to you? 

I know it may seem strange that God can bless someone even in their coming out phase but it is true. Coming out of the closet, unknowingly, allows God to do what He will in your life. For some like myself, it took years to hear God's voice, but thank God I did. 

By my being out and open at one time in the lifestyle, ultimately brought shame, conviction and guilt on my heart that I had never felt before. I felt like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden- naked, ashamed and running for fig leaves!

My 'coming out' became 'my coming into' God's will. Will you walk into God's will today?

Friday, January 27, 2012

EGGW's New Look!... AGAIN!

I hope you all like the new look on EGGW! I needed a change and the one I recently changed to was not technically sound. This one, I really like and its brighter and more inviting. It gives me more hope for a better future.

I enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy receiving it!

God bless.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's Make This Very Clear: Homosexual Feelings Should Not Consume Your Life

Let's Make This Very Clear: Homosexual Feelings Should Not Consume Your Life

This can be a big issue because I believe it was designed to take our focus off of God. Homosexuality, in my opinion and experience, is a spirit that comes to kill, steal and destroy. I know it sounds harsh but homosexuality is Satan's territory. So, if you ever feel like those gay feelings never seem to leave and is essentially ruled by your every thought, then it is consuming you to the extent that it's trying to:
  • Kill your spirit
  • Steal your self worth
  • Destroy your dignity
 Now, in my experience, I felt all of this combined. Even after giving my life to the Lord, I struggled like anyone else. I understood it then as Satan still fighting for my soul back. He knew at that point I was God's child but because our sin nature is still there, the enemy will keep trying to reclaim our spirits. I truly feel our souls belonged to God but the enemy knows homosexual feelings can be a stronghold. He also knows we will battle with our flesh.

But the wonderful thing is: God never let us go. He knew we'd return to our rightful place with Him so no matter what we battle with, God won't let us go. The enemy can try as much as he wants but we are attached to Jesus forever.

Now just because you may still have same sex feelings does not make you a homosexual. Hello?!! Did you really hear that? It is very true. It only means God is still doing a work in you. God has His own timing to mold, prune and shape you. So, you have to be patient with yourself and with God. He has the perfect plan for you. While you are going through the struggle, try and enjoy the journey. Yes, the journey is the most enriching part of all.

God has so much to show you, teach you and provide for you. If you only concentrate on this one 'struggle', you will miss out on what God wants to do with your whole self not just your fleshly self.

How about writing that book you always wanted to start or start a business or a ministry? I know there are things that make your life fulfilling if you only allow yourself to recognize your other needs, desires and successes. Quite frankly, homosexual feelings are not as big a issue as the enemy wants you to believe. Some may disagree but the enemy, again, wants it to consume your every thought so you may fall. But really, if we take hold of other aspects of our lives, we can allow God to work on that 'feeling' or 'desire' in our lives and later we will realize it is God had it all under control. But really, God was doing a work because you "Let go and let God".

So please don't find yourself in a room with your feelings wide open for the enemy to speak death to you. You can raise up and live life knowing God has you in his hands completely and if you rely on Him, He will do anything you ask Him to according to His will.

The Question is: Are You Really Happy Being Gay?

Are You Really Happy Being Gay?

I ask this question because I was there once a upon a time. I know how it feels to first get into the lifestyle after having thoughts of the same sex for years and not knowing where its coming from. I hope the following questions help you as they helped me and many others.

"But are you really happy living your life as a homosexual"

I know that sometimes being in the lifestyle was like the best thing ever. Most people feel like being gay and living it was their destiny and nothing could be greater.

"But is it really so wonderful?"

Sure, there are moments of what we feel is love, compassion and respect for and from the same sex. Maybe someone never really received the love they needed from a mother or father and finding it in the same sex, is what seems to fill the void.

"But does it really fill the void?"

I'm not sure after maybe sharing intimate moments with a significant other or many others will really make anyone happy when many times its only sex or the attraction that keeps the 'buzz' of excitement going.

"But what do you do when the excitement wears off?"

Well, maybe you move on to another lover and another in the relentless quest to find love but deep down you know it will never come. Why? Well, because what you are attracted to still doesn't seem to fulfill you like you want it to.

"But what about all of the homosexuals and lesbians getting married? Aren't they happy?"

I don't know. Some homosexuals may think they are born that way and again destined to live their life as such. Others are just aimlessly seeking to rid the pain of non-fulfillment in their lives. Others, also, may have experienced other things in life and its coming out as an attraction to the same sex and this is their goal. Their goal is to do what they feel is right but not necessarily what they know is right. So, they perhaps pursue getting married to the same sex even though some know deep down this is a mistake. 

"But why make a lifelong commitment knowing its a mistake?"

Well, for some, they feel its too late to turn back or its too hard to conquer homosexual feelings or no one will accept them if they change now. The big one is that God won't love and take them in.

The truth is: many gays appear happy because they have convinced themselves its what they really want. But deep down these individuals are not happy and only want to prove in many ways they are because to them, there's no turning back.

"But aren't there people out there that really are happy being gay?"
For their own reasons, and any former homosexual will tell you, that they didn't want or see themselves changing - EVER; but God touched them. I do believe that some people have been seduced by the homosexual spirit and think they may never change. Thanks be to God, it doesn't have to be that way.

"But what about those who have same sex attraction but don't want it anymore?"

Now, these individuals realize they are not happy. Also, maybe God is convicting them and they are fighting to get out of the lifestyle. Many of them have experienced the excitement of meeting someone and getting intimate but quickly realize after every encounter, it is just wrong. They know its against God and want to change but find it hard to do so.

If you find yourself asking some of these questions, then maybe you know you want to get out of the lifestyle of homosexuality. I don't confess to know everyone's situation or how everyone gets into homosexuality because everyone is unique. But I do speak on some of the common reasons why people get into the life.
It really doesn't matter how or why except the fact of wanting to pinpoint some unresolved issues in our lives. God knows it all and whatever reason we find ourselves in the gay lifestyle, He can get us out of it, if we really want out. He can give us the strength to fight the feelings for the same sex. If we only be open to hear and receive Him with all of our heart, will we then allow His spirit to move inside of us like never before. You will be surprised how strong you really are if you only allow the impossible to you be worked out by the impossible God. (Matthew 19:26)

I'm telling you. Once you give your life to Christ, and open up your heart, mind and soul to Him, He will do exceedingly, abundantly and more than you can ask, think or expect. (Ephesians 3:20).

You don't have to remain bound to the spirit of homosexuality. There is a way out and my God and your God can do it. Just come to Him and trust Him.

If you are man, woman, or teen struggling with homosexuality, same sex attraction or any other concern, please contact T. Marie for support at the Contact Page.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Tests After Being Delivered from Homosexuality [Part 2]

My First Tests After Being Delivered from Homosexuality [Part 2]

Now, here's my second test God gave me less than one year of being delivered from homosexuality. Remember, my first test was whether I would fear losing my job over speaking about religion or would I confess it on the mountaintops that God is my Father.

So, my second test only came a few weeks later. After only 4 weeks as an assistant manager, I was quickly promoted to store manager for a store that needed a manager in our region. The same regional manager, came to me and as we walked through the mall, she asked me if I was ready to be store manager because she knew I was ready to handle the job. I remember in my really serious way of doing things, telling her that I was up for the challenge. I didn't want her to know but I was bursting with excitement on the inside.

There were a few issues with this new position: though it was more money and loaded with opportunity to make a lot of money on commissions, my commute increased by another 10 more miles. So that would be 60 miles both ways but I was relentless and determined to succeed. Even days when it looked like I was driving on fumes and air instead of gas, I made it home without ever running out of gas on my very tight budget to start with. Thanks be to God.

So, back to my test. This second test I would have never thought I'd ever face. It was so unbelievable how God will test you in extraordinary ways. It was one day at my new store and I was literally only there for one week so far and some college students walked in the store with a microphone and a video camera. The young lady out of the group asked me if I would mind being a part of their school project as they ask people some questions. I didn't see any harm in it and business in the store was really dead during that hour so I agreed. 

You will never in your wildest dreams guess what the main question was for their school project? Well, if you can't, here goes it: They put the microphone up to my mouth and asked me: 
"Do you believe homosexuality is a sin?"
Again, for a split second: I was in shock as I knew God was testing me again. But this time, I didn't care to waste another split second. I proudly spoke into the mic and looked into the camera and stated I believed Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross and the bible clearly tells us that homosexuality is a sin. They asked a few related questions that I can't remember because it all felt like a dream to me at the moment. I do remember them rebutting my response but I kept to my beliefs.

Can you believe that? This time around, my test was to declare the truth about homosexuality...ON CAMERA!! Unbelievable!!

So, it was only moments after the group thanks me for my participation and left that I started to feel uncomfortable. I equate these feelings at the time as fear. You see, even after being tested once and then again on that day and knowing in my heart what I believe is true, all of a sudden I felt fear of losing my job. I remember going over it in my mind that the recording would be on television and my boss and the other store managers at other locations would know and I'd surely be fired for this one.

Then something rose up in me moments later. I remember saying to myself: "Well, if anyone finds out, I don't care. I love the Lord with all my heart and if confessing His name and His truth is wrong, after all I've been through, then fire me.. Please". I remember even looking forward to my employer calling or walking in at any given moment days after expecting to face the issue with my head up high and move on.

But it never happened and I went on to work for the company for several years and became one of their top managers and excelled in areas they had never seen.

I give God all of the glory. He tested and tried me and He knew my heart. Not only did he test me the first time to see if I would trust Him and confess my faith but the second time He wanted to know if I would profess the truth about the gay lifestyle to the world even. I don't know if you can understand how important both moments were for me but they surely changed my life. Those pivotal moments in time set my journey to live my life for Christ in a mightily way.

So why did I share this with you? Well, it came to mind to share what we as former homosexuals are faced with after being delivered. Its not a smooth and rosy ride through the garden. Like anyone living a life for Christ after being born again, we too face trials and God gives those to us to prove and know where our hearts stand with Him.

What trials have you endured? What tests did you confront and how did you show your love for the One who loves you the most?

I hope my story helps someone who is tested and tried as a born again Christian. God has His own design how he does so with everyone but the outcome should be the same: fight in the battlefield for God because He did the ultimate for us on the Cross.

God bless!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My First Tests After Being Delivered from Homosexuality [Part 1]

My First Tests After Being Delivered from Homosexuality

I can remember my first two tests God gave me after being delivered from homosexuality. It was nearly a year later after giving my life to Christ back in 1999. I had started a new job and my commute was nearly 50 miles both ways. I was homeless less than a year before so nothing was going to keep me from working and providing for my family.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was an assistant manager for a major nutrition store. I wasn't working the job one month and a man came into the store and wanted assistance on getting vitamins for his wife. We talked a little while about supplements and then he asked me if I was a Christian. While what I am about to tell you happened in a few split seconds, it changed my life forever.

Before I tell you my response to him, let me give you some background on this. Now, I was in no way ashamed of being a Christian. For heaven's sake, God had just delivered me from homosexuality less than a year before after 7 years. So, I was very proud of my faith and my God. The only issue that I had never been confronted with before was speaking about God or religion at the workplace and my employer standing nearby listening to everything we were saying. This was in California and in some parts, I knew the culture was not to speak about religion on the job. I also did not know if the company's policy prohibited it or not but that part I wasn't questioning. It was those few split seconds of whether I answer his question as a God fearing woman or would I fear my employer instead.

Well, like I said, this was only a few split seconds and as I turned my eye to the side and saw my employer (the region manager as a matter of fact), eyeball me, I quickly told the man proudly: "Yes, I'm a Christian and a believer in Christ". I remember noticing from the side of my eye again that my employer quickly looked down as she heard my response and went on with what she was doing.

I don't know if she was just paying attention to how well I was implementing their company policies in customer service as a new employee or if she really wanted to know how I would respond to his question. Either way, I knew it was a spiritual test from God because He wanted to know how much I loved Him over that job. He wanted to know if all the sin He had forgiven me for over the years as a homosexual meant more to me than my job He blessed me with.

I remember feeling so good and the man and I carried on talking about God for several minutes until I had to help other customers in the store. I remember feeling in those few moments that even though God had blessed me with a new job, He was the going to be my provider not my employer. You see even though I worked the entire time being homeless, God is the only one that took care of me and my family then. I could have never made it sleeping in cars and motels for 1 1/2 years on my own merit.

I knew than my employer knew she was dealing with a child of the Most High King and if it came down to it, I would choose God over the job in a minute!

Read my second test in less than two weeks later at the same job again.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Get Support In The Struggle Out of The Gay Lifestyle

Contact T. Marie For Support In The Struggle Out of The Gay Lifestyle

If you need help or have questions about how to walk away from homosexuality, you can get help. Our founder, T. Marie lived the life of a lesbian for 7 years. She gave her life to Christ in 1999 and 11 years later, she has walked a strong path alongside God. She is always willing to share her experiences as well as how she has been able to stay faithful to God all these years.

It is not an impossibility. All things are possible for them that love the Lord. So if you need someone to talk to that knows your struggles, go to our Contact Page  or click on the contact button on toolbar at the bottom of the page here to speak with T. Marie. She is more than happy to help guide you down the right path and freedom from homosexuality or any issues you many be facing today.

God bless!

Can You Confront Childhood Pain From the Past For Healing Today?

 Can You Confront Childhood Pain From the Past For Healing Today?

I have just recently confronted some past family issues. I have always been very transparent with my readers and that I feel is the key to allowing others to do the same. I've learned over the years that sharing our hurts, pains and disappointments with others, not only helps someone else but it helps the confessor.

I am finding myself having to deal with an issue I promised myself I would not ignore but face the best way possible.

Growing up in a middle class family household in California, was the life my family led for all to see. My parents had good jobs and my brother and I attended Catholic schools. To the average person, people thought we were the ideal family. I remember being teased a lot because my peers thought I had too much. But they didn't know the truth behind all they thought glittered was not gold.

You see, I had my grandmother's spirit. My father's mother was a simple and warm spirited woman. She would not be moved by fancy things and money. Her love was all everyone ever wanted because it was priceless. She and I favored in resemblance and I was inclined to think I was her favorite grandchild over 20 others. Her spirit today lives on in me because she showed me love I was getting at home.

So as you can see, this lifestyle people thought I had, was not me. All of it was a facade. Beneath the well dressed and well mannered children, my brother and I suffered greatly within a dysfunctional family. I always knew my parents worked hard to give us a better life and that they loved us but there were problems that we could have never imaged would happen. I won't get into everything I went through because I will save it for my book one day but if you have read my testimony, you'd know that both of my parents were unfaithful to one another and my father suffered a nervous breakdown that resulted in a murder attempt against my brother and I.

The unfaithful part in my parents marriage is what I am dealing with even today. It's not as if I can't get over what I saw growing up but it is the pain of now knowing I could have not been my father's child. There was no doubt on my end because my mother never let me forget I resembled 'his side of the family'. The issue today is after speaking with my father, he confided in me that not only was my brother a questionable child but I, their first born was too. This was a huge blow to me. Unfortunately, everyone around us questioned whether my younger brother was the 'milkman's baby' or not. I never understood that exactly growing up, except that the black family made it their business to equate lighter skin complexions with other races of people. All I can remember is knowing my mother was pregnant with my brother when I was six and she and I would drive to 'the city' (San Francisco) and visit a man in his garage while his wife was in church. So, even though we did not speak about it, she was creeping and tagged me along with her with child in belly.

But just recently, when I asked my father about the still born child she told me she had before me, he stated he did not know anything about that. He only told me that I was a questionable child too. This I never knew nor fathomed the thought that I was not supposed to be my father's child. It clearly explains partly why she had a distant kind of motherly love and criticized me so. It became clear then why we always seemed to have a wedge between our relationship as mother and daughter. It also explains why my father's side of the family and my mother seemed to despise one another. I know now they knew she was creeping for a long, long time which ultimately resulted in my father's infidelity as well.

Today I am only sharing this because the person I want to talk to about this is not open to discuss it. My mother will not discuss her past indiscretions with me even though many things other than this caused my insecurities and vulnerabilities in life. As a grown woman with an adult son, I have had to deal with my issues like anyone else. But as we all get older, we sometimes want to confront and deal with even really old family issues. It's all about healing and we should never stop wanting to feel whole and allowing God to move us forward in life.

Fortunately, I realize that healing is my road to more peace and contentment with my Lord Jesus Christ. He wants me to confront my issues from the past so I can do a better work for Him and His kingdom. If I hold onto guilt, pain and hurt, then I am only blocking my blessing as well as blocking someone else to blessed through my life or story. Even though I am open to talk about this with my mother one day, it is o.k. if we never discuss it. I know today that her indiscretions before or after I was born was not my problem. I don't own it. It was her issues and I am quite sure as a saved woman today, she has suffered from her decisions just as I have from my own life. I hold no contentment against her because I do honor her as my mother. God only requires me to love my parents and allow Him to heal me by at least confessing what has hurt me from the past.

Sometimes we don't want to go down that old and hurtful path from childhood because it brings up too much past pain but we have to admit that keeping it in and never dealing with it, is the reason why we may be dealing with same sex attraction and homosexual feelings or other unresolved issues. I have been determined throughout the years to face and confront my issues. I was taught by my mother to stand and move on and almost encouraged not to deal with my feelings. Well, those days are long gone and though I know she may have meant well then, it has always been my best practice to work out my emotions with God's help.

Thanks for allowing me to share some really personal things in my life. I desire to share it because I want to see others confront their issues and not go to the grave, so to speak, with unresolved pain that God can heal us from.

Is there some issues you need to confront? Can you believe that God will give you the strength to move on stronger, better and more faith filled than ever?

"I can do ALL things are through him who strengthens me"-(Philippians 4:13)

God bless!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Update: True Ex-Gay Talk Support Call Has Changed

Note: Changes to the Tuesday Support Call

I want to apologize to anyone who has tried going to the conference call line and wasn't able to connect with me. You can contact me directly at my Contact Page. I want to speak with you.

Our TXGT Support call on Tuesdays has been cancelled at this time.

I have decided to select a particular day at my discretion and have interested persons sign up for the call. Unfortunately,  we were not able to get enough people to join the call a one given time. We are working out ways to improve this for the near future.

In the meantime, I will make announcements about the call on the blog and main page of this site. When that happens, all you have to do is email me and let me know you will be on the call and the date I specify.

NOTE: Please do not go to the call on any given day or on a Tuesday because it won't be available unless an announcement is made.

***If we get enough people to participate, we will meet on the date of the call. If not, I will notify people who signed up and I will be open to call anyone for a private conversation on that day or anytime we agree.

***If you need to speak with me personally, you can do so by contacting me at the Contact page.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Teens With Same Sex Attraction Can Get Help Through God and Intervention

Teens With Same Sex Attraction Can Get Help 

Though I believe same sex attraction is psychological and stemming from one's childhood, I first believe developing a real relationship with God is the first step. He will deliver you from the feelings if you surrender to him.

I also believe going to the right kind of facility that can help a person through these feelings is the next step, especially for teens. I don't mean a program that will eventually tell you its ok to be gay or have gay feelings. I am speaking of a program for someone who wants to change and it in turn helps the person find ways to concentrate on this and ultimately work out the issues.

If you truly want to change your life in this aspect, contact me at my Contact Page. Also, check out this video and see what some counselors are saying about getting help after deliverance.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is Transgenderism a Psychological Issue or a Hormonal Issue? [VIDEO]

Is Transgenderism a Psychological Issue or a Hormonal Issue? [VIDEO]

This is a very important question. I have spoken to teens and adults who believe their transgender issues stem from a hormonal defect of some sort. Some transgenders or those in the process of changing their sex, feel they were born in the wrong gendered body.

What I try and explain to them is: whether you have same sex feelings or if you are wanting to be transgendered, it is a psychological issue one is dealing with not hormonal. While society is pushing children through their parents to take hormonal treatments to slow down the natural bodily process of a growing child, it is absolutely the wrong thing to do. If any parent is out their wanting to try hormones for your child, only because they say they don't feel like being a girl or a boy, you need to stop and think first.

Contrary to what experts tell us, hormonal treatment given to a underdeveloped child in order to 'let them decide' who they want to be, is against God's will and plan for their lives. A parent is doing a child a true injustice psychologically, emotionally, socially, physically, mentally and in every way possible.

If you are a teen or young adult that is not comfortable inside you body, you need to know God wants you to be exactly what He created you to be. By attempting or changing how He especially designed you with YOU in mind, is like insulting God- let alone grieving Him. What you actually need is to engage with people who deal with the same issues and who want to work out those feelings instead of acting on them.

It is the same as someone with same sex attraction or homosexual tendencies. A person sometimes only knows what they feel but do not know how they came about feeling this way. Just as transgenderism is not hormonal; homosexual feelings are not either. They are both psychological issues that can be worked out through deliverance in Jesus Christ.

Please do not believe the hype. You can change and be exactly what God created you to be. If you need someone to speak to, I am available. 

Check out this video of a man who had a full sex change and turned back. He is explaining in the video that transgenderism is not hormonal and the longtime effects of treatment.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Five Things to Do If You Still Struggle With Homosexual Feelings After Being Delivered

Five Things to Do If You Still Struggle With Homosexual Feelings After Being Delivered

I have been contacted by many people who continue to struggle with homosexual feelings after being delivered from the gay lifestyle and sin. I have found that there are five things that I have to do daily to keep my mind on God and away from the thoughts or desires of my past life.

Now, let me say this firstly to those who think if you still have gay feelings, you shouldn't fight it because you can't stop being gay. This is not true. Once a person has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, they are delivered from the sin they have given it over to God. This goes for any sin as well as homosexuality. So, you can't take it back even if you still have feelings. God doesn't take back our deliverance.

1) Prayer- You need to pray for God to give you strength  at this time. Even though you are praying for strength, God needs you to get close to Him. Whenever you find yourself struggling, always draw near to Him. If you spend more time in prayer, God will comfort you in this time of need.

2) Fasting- For those of you who can do so (health wise, that is), you should find time to fast. I have started to fast 5 days straight out of each month. I need God's word to be clearer to me. When I fast, all my defenses are down and He has my undivided attention. I receive more strength and power from fasting every time I do so. Fasting is highly effective along with prayer.

3) Eliminating distractions from your life. Sometimes we have things in our lives that cause distractions from giving God our all. We can sometimes have family, friends, work or personal things that distract us from being all we need to be for God. We can find ourselves so overcrowded with life's issues and problems that those old 'feelings' creep right in. Evaluate who you have in your life and what's going on around you so you can concentrate on Him and your work for Him.

4) Deal with your life's issues. You know, when we gave our life to Christ on that faithful day, we had all intentions on being everything we could be for Him. We may have even thought that homosexuality or some sexual sin would solve all of your problems. Well, you have probably realized that isn't the case. Truthfully, we all have more issues in our lives than just sexual sin and when we are delivered from that one, there are other issues that come to surface that we now see more clearly. So, what I did was find out why I still felt broken and started dealing with those issues. I realized this is a lifetime commitment and God gives me strength to conquer all the other things in my life.

5) Start concentrating on others. If you are struggling with homosexual feelings and have been delivered from it, start finding time to reach out to others. When we take the focus off ourselves and help one another, we can sometimes find what is causing our struggle. Many times when I helped someone else, I was able to see my own issue more clearly and why I struggled with things. God worked through me while I was helping to bring someone else out of the lifestyle. Its a remarkable thing what God can do through others.

So, those are the top five things that helped me and I continue to use them on a daily basis. I always remember, this is much bigger than me. It's not all about my struggle but the enemy's conquest for my soul. This is a bigger battle than just what I face. But what I do know is: As long as I deal with the struggles in the appropriate manner and not fall into sin, I am more than a conqueror and so are you.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year From Ex Gay Talk!

Happy New Year From Ex Gay Talk!