Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ex-Lesbian of 30 Yrs Charlene Cothran's Thoughts on Obama's Gay Marriage Support

Ex Lesbian Charlene Cothran Speaks about Obama and Gay marriage 
Former Lesbian of 30 Yrs Charlene Cothran's Thoughts on Obama's Gay Marriage Support

At this time, I feel the following statement about the President's support for gay marriage is a true and authentic one. Coming from a woman who lived the life as a lesbian for 30 years and helped initiate gay rights, she has been transformed and stands on the truth. At this hour she still stands tall and tells the absolute truth about what she thinks about Obama and his support for the LGBT community and gay marriage.

Just One Issue by Rev. Charlene Cothran
The President's statement supporting gay marriage is much more than 'just one issue' as many, especially Black leaders, want to claim.  It is a very deep SPIRITUAL [against natural law] issue.  His statement has catastrophically and irreversibly damaged future generations. Additionally, the President did NOT speak as an individual.  A sitting president of the most powerful nation in the world can never 'speak personally'.  He O.K.'d homosexual marriage in exchange for money and power.  He is not a minister but shamefully and deceitfully used the Holy Scripture to support his evil works.  He repulsively compared himself to Christ's sacrifice at Calvary.  No wonder he didn't seek advice from his pastor first.  He KNOWS that was improper but it SOUNDS good for his church-going voters. The trouble is NO ONE actually believes that he made his statement out of any kind of conviction but Money and power.  He raised more than 9 million dollars in the first 90 minutes after his announcement.  That is NOT a coincidence.
So now, more than ever, its up to those who will not compromise to share the truth of God in love.  I am, we are, the EVIDENCE of God's amazing love and endless mercy and YES HE CAN change gays and anyone else who chooses to love Him whole-heartedly and obey Him.   I understand now why God has so anointed VICTORY Magazine and other ministries to rise in this hour. We are going FORWARD with the truth. We've got to help teach the body of Christ what God intends as the truth in this matter [and others] because too many Black Pastors and leaders won't touch it -OR- they have chosen to sign-on to the lie against the souls of our children, for political purposes.  SHAME ON YOU! -- Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Joseph Lowery and all others who by your signature have supported the President's position on gay marriage. SHAME ON YOU! -- all those so-called leaders who have chosen, in this dark hour, to hide in the quiet safety of your sin of OMISSION.  There is a day of judgment coming when your actions or inactions will have to be explained. 
What will you say to God on that day?
Source from Rev. Charlene Cothran