Friday, March 16, 2012

How One Christian Woman Denies Lesbian Couple Wedding Cake

To some people, this may seem cruel and unkind. But can we really say it is wrong for a business woman who bakes wedding cakes for a living, not be able to refuse service to anyone?

I wanted to share this with you because even though some of us have been ridiculed and treated wrongly because we were gay or lesbian, doesn't mean some things are just true. When I was in the lifestyle, I would have taken this very badly. Even though at the time I was happy, so I thought, I would have been hurt to have a business not want to serve me because I was homosexual.

I can see now how this could create a problem for others who just don't believe in the lifestyle. Its almost like infringing on their beliefs if we demand service like this. I'm not speaking of being denied shopping in the grocery store or in the bank, but there will be instances where individuals will not agree with the lifestyle.

Now, that we can understand that the gay lifestyle is not pleasing to God, we can see why a Christian wedding cake baker would not want to make a cake for a lesbian couple.

Check out part of this article below from AT2W:

Victoria Childress who runs her own cake business from home politely sat this lesbian couple down and informed them of her Christian values.  Janelle Sievers claims she replied she understood, but she and her disappointed partner, Trina Vodraska say they were shocked by Childress’ denial to bake their wedding cake.   We ask you, doesn’t God approve of Victoria Childress boldness for Jesus Christ in these last and evil days?  We assure, God does not see this as discrimination, but He views it as victory within the Kingdom of God.   Angels in heaven are rejoicing right now, because of Victoria Childress bold courage to deny the demonic force of homosexuality.   This lesbian couple should not be so upset about Victoria Childress’ honesty, but they should be grateful that Jesus Christ is using her to capture them from Satan’s territory.


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