Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do You Need to Apologize and Ask Forgiveness of Someone?

 Do You Need to Apologize and Ask Forgiveness of Someone?

I talk a lot about what I've been through in my past and who has hurt me. I've mentioned how I was hurt by family members, friends, schoolmates, neighborhood friends, co workers, past relationships, etc. I have even tried blaming my parents for my pain as a child and ultimately me turning to homosexuality. Of course I can't blame them for what I chose as an adult. That was my own decision.

But that is not what I want to talk about in this post. I want to tackle how we can deal with how we have hurt others. Its always easy to talk about who hurt and wronged us, but what about the pain we caused others? We have to admit that we have caused someone or some people pain- even when we never intended to. 

I can remember times when I meant so well and somehow I did or said something wrong. It was either a time when I didn't show how much I cared or I was careless with my words or was selfish in some way. I think we all have been through this and it hurts when we realize we made these mistakes. It just takes the other party to mention it or get our attention and we know we caused them grief. Even we know what grief feels like.

We don't always realize what we are doing but sometimes its very hurting to someone else. 

Just as we would love to get an apology from people who hurt us, that may not happen. And truthfully, it is o.k. We won't always receive an apology, but we should always offer an apology to others. God honors this when we submit to Him this way.

So, I will be the first to offer an apology for:

  • Not appreciating someone
  • Not showing I cared
  • Being careless with my words or actions
  • Acting selfish
  • and anything else

I really believe in apologies and admitting my wrongdoings. Hopefully, we will receive forgiveness but if we don't, God sees. As long as the apology is from the heart, that is what matters. The person receiving the apology may not accept it, but we must try to offer it. Its just the right thing to do. 

I remember that struggles are not just with sexual sins but with dealing with other issues in life too. They help shape who I am when I deal with my other issues.

By pffering apologies and asking forgiveness, this clears our conscience and opens the door for repaired relations and/or new ones to come.

So, who can you offer an apology and ask forgiveness to? Is it a parent, brother, sister, family member, friend, son, daughter, or spouse? Will you try and offer it so you can move on and they can see Jesus through your heart?

God bless!


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