Sunday, March 18, 2012

If You Backslide, Just Get Up and Come Back To Jesus

If You Backslide, Just Get Up and Come Back To Jesus

I think this is very important to talk about. We can talk all day about how we left the homosexual lifestyle and we are on our way to living for Christ in a victorious way. But is it really that easy? I will be the first to tell you, no.

Some may mistaken that once you are saved from homosexuality, it is over and done with. This is so not true. Even after being delivered and set free from the lifestyle, months and even years can go by, and you will have to admit you struggled with some aspect of it.

I must say that in my 6 years of being homosexual and then spending nearly 12 years out of the lifestyle, did not mean I did not struggle. I had feelings, desires and wants like anyone else. There were times I had to pray harder, read my bible more and make sure to stay away from tell tale signs. I made a conscious decision to do so because I wanted to please God. Lord knows it is not easy. I did not have a church home that really helped me out of it nor keep me away from it. This was because I found the church overall hypocritical when it came to helping those wanting out of the gay lifestyle. I even had issues with church folk who ridiculed and shunned me because I 'used' to be a lesbian. How crazy is that? It was like I still did not deserve deliverance or my 'calling out' of the lifestyle was not 'valid' because of my past sin. 

We all have come close to or have literally fallen back into the lifestyle. Many people don't want to admit it but, what we indulged in before can easily be picked right back up if we lose focus.

Here are some reasons why some of us have backslid into the homosexual lifestyle or something that was close to it:

  • We may feel lonely
  • We may be longing for love, affection and attention
  • We may take our focus off God and onto the world
  • We may be focused on God but still feel weak to the desires
  • We may get caught off guard
  • We may sometimes feel God won't bless us with the opposite sex, so we may desire the same sex because of it
  • We may feel God just can't change us completely
  • We may have been in the lifestyle for most of our lives and may not see a way out
  • We may not have support from family, friends or church
  • We may be dealing with other life issues which may open up a door for feelings to come back
  • We may have had a tragedy occur that opens the door for feelings to manifest
  • ... really just life in general
These are just some of what I think may be the main issues of how we can backslide in our faith. I will be the first to tell you that life is not easy, as you know. Also, the desire to be loved is another strong one that really can pull us back in. I know it was for me. I can admit that there was a time when I wanted to go back in- because I wanted love.

It's not easy being single, Christian and not having anyone to hold you, be there for you and love you. We all need to be loved and its when we hit our weakest points that we may fall into the lifestyle again. 

But if we recognize that God is a loving and forgiving God, we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are His children and He will forgive us. Its not about how many times we fall but its our heart in the falling. Did we just defy God and ignore is call back to Him? And when we heard Him call us back, did we come back? 

So, if you have backslid to your past lifestyle, just get up and come back to Jesus. He knows your heart and He knows if you just call on Him, He will give you strength, hope and a will to run on in the race for heaven.  

Allow God to 'mess some things up' in your life, so you can get back on track. God never said it was easy but its worth it.


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