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The Question is: Are You Really Happy Being Gay?

Are You Really Happy Being Gay?

I ask this question because I was there once a upon a time. I know how it feels to first get into the lifestyle after having thoughts of the same sex for years and not knowing where its coming from. I hope the following questions help you as they helped me and many others.

"But are you really happy living your life as a homosexual"

I know that sometimes being in the lifestyle was like the best thing ever. Most people feel like being gay and living it was their destiny and nothing could be greater.

"But is it really so wonderful?"

Sure, there are moments of what we feel is love, compassion and respect for and from the same sex. Maybe someone never really received the love they needed from a mother or father and finding it in the same sex, is what seems to fill the void.

"But does it really fill the void?"

I'm not sure after maybe sharing intimate moments with a significant other or many others will really make anyone happy when many times its only sex or the attraction that keeps the 'buzz' of excitement going.

"But what do you do when the excitement wears off?"

Well, maybe you move on to another lover and another in the relentless quest to find love but deep down you know it will never come. Why? Well, because what you are attracted to still doesn't seem to fulfill you like you want it to.

"But what about all of the homosexuals and lesbians getting married? Aren't they happy?"

I don't know. Some homosexuals may think they are born that way and again destined to live their life as such. Others are just aimlessly seeking to rid the pain of non-fulfillment in their lives. Others, also, may have experienced other things in life and its coming out as an attraction to the same sex and this is their goal. Their goal is to do what they feel is right but not necessarily what they know is right. So, they perhaps pursue getting married to the same sex even though some know deep down this is a mistake. 

"But why make a lifelong commitment knowing its a mistake?"

Well, for some, they feel its too late to turn back or its too hard to conquer homosexual feelings or no one will accept them if they change now. The big one is that God won't love and take them in.

The truth is: many gays appear happy because they have convinced themselves its what they really want. But deep down these individuals are not happy and only want to prove in many ways they are because to them, there's no turning back.

"But aren't there people out there that really are happy being gay?"
For their own reasons, and any former homosexual will tell you, that they didn't want or see themselves changing - EVER; but God touched them. I do believe that some people have been seduced by the homosexual spirit and think they may never change. Thanks be to God, it doesn't have to be that way.

"But what about those who have same sex attraction but don't want it anymore?"

Now, these individuals realize they are not happy. Also, maybe God is convicting them and they are fighting to get out of the lifestyle. Many of them have experienced the excitement of meeting someone and getting intimate but quickly realize after every encounter, it is just wrong. They know its against God and want to change but find it hard to do so.

If you find yourself asking some of these questions, then maybe you know you want to get out of the lifestyle of homosexuality. I don't confess to know everyone's situation or how everyone gets into homosexuality because everyone is unique. But I do speak on some of the common reasons why people get into the life.
It really doesn't matter how or why except the fact of wanting to pinpoint some unresolved issues in our lives. God knows it all and whatever reason we find ourselves in the gay lifestyle, He can get us out of it, if we really want out. He can give us the strength to fight the feelings for the same sex. If we only be open to hear and receive Him with all of our heart, will we then allow His spirit to move inside of us like never before. You will be surprised how strong you really are if you only allow the impossible to you be worked out by the impossible God. (Matthew 19:26)

I'm telling you. Once you give your life to Christ, and open up your heart, mind and soul to Him, He will do exceedingly, abundantly and more than you can ask, think or expect. (Ephesians 3:20).

You don't have to remain bound to the spirit of homosexuality. There is a way out and my God and your God can do it. Just come to Him and trust Him.

If you are man, woman, or teen struggling with homosexuality, same sex attraction or any other concern, please contact T. Marie for support at the Contact Page.


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