Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's Make This Very Clear: Homosexual Feelings Should Not Consume Your Life

Let's Make This Very Clear: Homosexual Feelings Should Not Consume Your Life

This can be a big issue because I believe it was designed to take our focus off of God. Homosexuality, in my opinion and experience, is a spirit that comes to kill, steal and destroy. I know it sounds harsh but homosexuality is Satan's territory. So, if you ever feel like those gay feelings never seem to leave and is essentially ruled by your every thought, then it is consuming you to the extent that it's trying to:
  • Kill your spirit
  • Steal your self worth
  • Destroy your dignity
 Now, in my experience, I felt all of this combined. Even after giving my life to the Lord, I struggled like anyone else. I understood it then as Satan still fighting for my soul back. He knew at that point I was God's child but because our sin nature is still there, the enemy will keep trying to reclaim our spirits. I truly feel our souls belonged to God but the enemy knows homosexual feelings can be a stronghold. He also knows we will battle with our flesh.

But the wonderful thing is: God never let us go. He knew we'd return to our rightful place with Him so no matter what we battle with, God won't let us go. The enemy can try as much as he wants but we are attached to Jesus forever.

Now just because you may still have same sex feelings does not make you a homosexual. Hello?!! Did you really hear that? It is very true. It only means God is still doing a work in you. God has His own timing to mold, prune and shape you. So, you have to be patient with yourself and with God. He has the perfect plan for you. While you are going through the struggle, try and enjoy the journey. Yes, the journey is the most enriching part of all.

God has so much to show you, teach you and provide for you. If you only concentrate on this one 'struggle', you will miss out on what God wants to do with your whole self not just your fleshly self.

How about writing that book you always wanted to start or start a business or a ministry? I know there are things that make your life fulfilling if you only allow yourself to recognize your other needs, desires and successes. Quite frankly, homosexual feelings are not as big a issue as the enemy wants you to believe. Some may disagree but the enemy, again, wants it to consume your every thought so you may fall. But really, if we take hold of other aspects of our lives, we can allow God to work on that 'feeling' or 'desire' in our lives and later we will realize it is God had it all under control. But really, God was doing a work because you "Let go and let God".

So please don't find yourself in a room with your feelings wide open for the enemy to speak death to you. You can raise up and live life knowing God has you in his hands completely and if you rely on Him, He will do anything you ask Him to according to His will.


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