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My First Tests After Being Delivered from Homosexuality [Part 2]

My First Tests After Being Delivered from Homosexuality [Part 2]

Now, here's my second test God gave me less than one year of being delivered from homosexuality. Remember, my first test was whether I would fear losing my job over speaking about religion or would I confess it on the mountaintops that God is my Father.

So, my second test only came a few weeks later. After only 4 weeks as an assistant manager, I was quickly promoted to store manager for a store that needed a manager in our region. The same regional manager, came to me and as we walked through the mall, she asked me if I was ready to be store manager because she knew I was ready to handle the job. I remember in my really serious way of doing things, telling her that I was up for the challenge. I didn't want her to know but I was bursting with excitement on the inside.

There were a few issues with this new position: though it was more money and loaded with opportunity to make a lot of money on commissions, my commute increased by another 10 more miles. So that would be 60 miles both ways but I was relentless and determined to succeed. Even days when it looked like I was driving on fumes and air instead of gas, I made it home without ever running out of gas on my very tight budget to start with. Thanks be to God.

So, back to my test. This second test I would have never thought I'd ever face. It was so unbelievable how God will test you in extraordinary ways. It was one day at my new store and I was literally only there for one week so far and some college students walked in the store with a microphone and a video camera. The young lady out of the group asked me if I would mind being a part of their school project as they ask people some questions. I didn't see any harm in it and business in the store was really dead during that hour so I agreed. 

You will never in your wildest dreams guess what the main question was for their school project? Well, if you can't, here goes it: They put the microphone up to my mouth and asked me: 
"Do you believe homosexuality is a sin?"
Again, for a split second: I was in shock as I knew God was testing me again. But this time, I didn't care to waste another split second. I proudly spoke into the mic and looked into the camera and stated I believed Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross and the bible clearly tells us that homosexuality is a sin. They asked a few related questions that I can't remember because it all felt like a dream to me at the moment. I do remember them rebutting my response but I kept to my beliefs.

Can you believe that? This time around, my test was to declare the truth about homosexuality...ON CAMERA!! Unbelievable!!

So, it was only moments after the group thanks me for my participation and left that I started to feel uncomfortable. I equate these feelings at the time as fear. You see, even after being tested once and then again on that day and knowing in my heart what I believe is true, all of a sudden I felt fear of losing my job. I remember going over it in my mind that the recording would be on television and my boss and the other store managers at other locations would know and I'd surely be fired for this one.

Then something rose up in me moments later. I remember saying to myself: "Well, if anyone finds out, I don't care. I love the Lord with all my heart and if confessing His name and His truth is wrong, after all I've been through, then fire me.. Please". I remember even looking forward to my employer calling or walking in at any given moment days after expecting to face the issue with my head up high and move on.

But it never happened and I went on to work for the company for several years and became one of their top managers and excelled in areas they had never seen.

I give God all of the glory. He tested and tried me and He knew my heart. Not only did he test me the first time to see if I would trust Him and confess my faith but the second time He wanted to know if I would profess the truth about the gay lifestyle to the world even. I don't know if you can understand how important both moments were for me but they surely changed my life. Those pivotal moments in time set my journey to live my life for Christ in a mightily way.

So why did I share this with you? Well, it came to mind to share what we as former homosexuals are faced with after being delivered. Its not a smooth and rosy ride through the garden. Like anyone living a life for Christ after being born again, we too face trials and God gives those to us to prove and know where our hearts stand with Him.

What trials have you endured? What tests did you confront and how did you show your love for the One who loves you the most?

I hope my story helps someone who is tested and tried as a born again Christian. God has His own design how he does so with everyone but the outcome should be the same: fight in the battlefield for God because He did the ultimate for us on the Cross.

God bless!


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