Sunday, January 22, 2012

My First Tests After Being Delivered from Homosexuality [Part 1]

My First Tests After Being Delivered from Homosexuality

I can remember my first two tests God gave me after being delivered from homosexuality. It was nearly a year later after giving my life to Christ back in 1999. I had started a new job and my commute was nearly 50 miles both ways. I was homeless less than a year before so nothing was going to keep me from working and providing for my family.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was an assistant manager for a major nutrition store. I wasn't working the job one month and a man came into the store and wanted assistance on getting vitamins for his wife. We talked a little while about supplements and then he asked me if I was a Christian. While what I am about to tell you happened in a few split seconds, it changed my life forever.

Before I tell you my response to him, let me give you some background on this. Now, I was in no way ashamed of being a Christian. For heaven's sake, God had just delivered me from homosexuality less than a year before after 7 years. So, I was very proud of my faith and my God. The only issue that I had never been confronted with before was speaking about God or religion at the workplace and my employer standing nearby listening to everything we were saying. This was in California and in some parts, I knew the culture was not to speak about religion on the job. I also did not know if the company's policy prohibited it or not but that part I wasn't questioning. It was those few split seconds of whether I answer his question as a God fearing woman or would I fear my employer instead.

Well, like I said, this was only a few split seconds and as I turned my eye to the side and saw my employer (the region manager as a matter of fact), eyeball me, I quickly told the man proudly: "Yes, I'm a Christian and a believer in Christ". I remember noticing from the side of my eye again that my employer quickly looked down as she heard my response and went on with what she was doing.

I don't know if she was just paying attention to how well I was implementing their company policies in customer service as a new employee or if she really wanted to know how I would respond to his question. Either way, I knew it was a spiritual test from God because He wanted to know how much I loved Him over that job. He wanted to know if all the sin He had forgiven me for over the years as a homosexual meant more to me than my job He blessed me with.

I remember feeling so good and the man and I carried on talking about God for several minutes until I had to help other customers in the store. I remember feeling in those few moments that even though God had blessed me with a new job, He was the going to be my provider not my employer. You see even though I worked the entire time being homeless, God is the only one that took care of me and my family then. I could have never made it sleeping in cars and motels for 1 1/2 years on my own merit.

I knew than my employer knew she was dealing with a child of the Most High King and if it came down to it, I would choose God over the job in a minute!

Read my second test in less than two weeks later at the same job again.


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