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When You Face Life's Issues, What Do You Do with The Aftermath of Stress?

When You Face Life's Issues, What Do You Do with The Aftermath of Stress?

 I wanted to address this because as we are working on our spirits and seeking God, much of the issues that we are addressing now leave an aftermath of hurt feelings, depression, anxiety and other emotions.
So, I wanted to share with you some ways I deal with the stress of digging into my past and confronting some of the deepest issues of my life. But even though I find it stressful and emotionally taxing, I truly believe confronting them is the best way to get close to God. He will bless us and give us true peace by dealing with our past and present issues. 

Just to give you some background, I was then, the expert at not dealing with issues. When my father had is mental breakdown, I was told to 'just deal' with it and move on. All through my childhood, I was never taught to confront issues and I assume this is because my family did not face issues themselves. We did not talk or discuss anything and my parents essentially handled everything and kept my brother and I naive and clueless. I am sure many people have been through this too, so this is why it is important to manage the stress of confronting issues. 

I'll admit I still deal with family issues, and all I want to do is confront them, understand them, put them to rest and live my life. I do feel most people desire this as well.

If you don't mind me taking you through what I do to keep the anxiety and stress down while I'm living to please Christ, I think it would be helpful for you too. Actually, its a lifestyle change.

When you are starting to deal with unresolved issues or issues that seem to need your attention now in life, its always best to seek God in prayer. This is the best medicine or remedy ever. Seeking His face will relieve you of most of your stress and I have learned that my suggestions below will help God see us as good stewards over our bodies which is the temple of God.

1) We can start by watching our diets. By making sure you minimize your intact of sugar, high calorie fatty foods and salt, your brain can handle the added stress of the problems you are facing. In addition, make sure to eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. I don't eat red meat but once every few months but I do eat chicken, fish and turkey. I drink water all day and maybe a soda once a week.

2) If you try and do some kind of exercise like walking the neighborhood or working out at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes to an hour, this really relieves the stress. I try to walk and/or workout 4 times a week. I also do deep breathing exercises daily. Taking deep breaths in and holding it for 7 seconds and repeating it 10 times, truly takes the stress and tightness from your head and breathes more oxygen through your brain. It is a true stress reliever.

3) If you don't already, please take a multiple vitamin like a One A Day for men or women. Its very important that we get our daily vitamins because food is not enough. Also, if you don't have much energy during the day, a multi vitamin is a great energy and mood enhancer. Not everyone believes in vitamins, but trust me they work. I'm 43 years old with no existing health issues. It's kind of nice being mistaken for my son's sister! (Sometimes)

Believe it or not, I have been taking an array of vitamins and herbs on a daily basis for nearly 15 years. After my grandmother passed, I was on a mission to find a vitamin or herb cure for heart attacks. I found a combination of them that I wished I could have given her. But I became intrigued by health food so I self taught myself about nutrition. I even managed a few nutrition stores in the past and was truly hooked! (If you want to know what a vitamin or herb supplement is good for, contact me). Seriously, I used to have people thanking me for relieving them of all kinds of ailments.

So, that brings us to the next way to relieve stress while dealing with life's issues and struggles.

4) Drink a herbal tea at least once a day. First of all, I suggest drink green tea because it is an antioxidant that fights against free radicals which are agents that cause or promote sickness and diseases. If you want to fight against ever having cancer, start drinking green tea. It's also an energy booster.

Also, to wind down my day, I drink chamomile tea. Chamomile is a calming herb that relaxes your mind and your body and you sleep well too. It helps take away the stress of the day or if you are just particularly stressed in general, try chamomile tea. Now, I only drink one cup every couple of days because for me, it gets me too relaxed and I sleep longer than expected. So, please try it out on a evening when you are staying home and off from work or school the next day. Some people may take a double bag in their tea cup; but don't call me saying you missed work because you didn't wake up on time!  LOL!! It depends on the person but it is all safe and natural. I have been drinking it for years.

Hint: If you want to reduce gray hair from growing, drink chamomile tea.

5) Lastly, sometimes it is just time to 'get out of dodge'. If you haven't heard of that term, sorry I'm old school. LOL! Anyway, you have to take time out for yourself. Take a long drive, spend the afternoon alone and do some things to relax and pamper yourself. It's essential we do this from time to time to... everyone say: RELIEVE MY STRESS. That's right. I recently just took off for the weekend because the stress was 'upon me' and I believe in 'doing me' sometimes. Don't let life keep you from taking care of yourself. It's really not that serious nor worth your physical and mental health.

There is probably more I could suggest but that is the jest of it. I didn't mean to get on the health tip and guide you like your parent but I had to discipline myself by using these methods as much as possible because life for me as well as you can be very, very stressful. Why go through all of the stress and ultimately shorten our lives because we did not know what we could do to relieve the pressures.

I hope this helps you and I wanted to also share this video with you of a 74 year old woman who is more fit than any 20 year old I've seen. She has transformed her body and I am sure she has added at least another 40-50 years to her life. She also cured her stress and anxiety by wanting to be healthy. When the bible says God promises us 120 years, she lady has proven you can be saved and fit.

She's a true role model.

God bless!


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