Saturday, January 28, 2012

True Ex-Gay Talk Support Call Coming Back?

True Ex-Gay Talk Support Call Coming Back?

I have been getting some requests to restart my True Ex Gay Support Call again. I would like to restart our True Ex-Gay Talk Support Call again in the near future and have the call twice a month or more. This time around I would like to know who would actually come on the call on a fairly consistent basis. This call is for you and for any concerns or questions you may have for me or some issue you want to discuss. It is a private and confidential call. You can listen in or speak- whatever is comfortable for you.

(Read disclaimer below)

I would like to find out:

  • What days of the week are good for you? (I prefer during the weekday from Mon-Fri)
  • What times would be good for you? (I'd like to know between what hours from the earliest to the latest)
  • Would you be open to participate or listen in on the call with an anonymous name (if needed)?
  • Would you be committed to return to the call when it is available or announced?
  • What would you like to speak about on the call or have me discuss on the call?
  •  What ideas do you have for me?

As you can see, I am being as open as I can for you because I want to be able to be a support for you.

Go to True Ex Gay Talk page and read more about what we will do on the call.

Once I get some responses, I will post what we came up with and what I feel will be most convenient for you.

NOTE: God bless and don't keep me hanging. I really want to hear from you. If you have my personal number, just call or text me.

Disclaimer: The only time I may record is to get my responses to questions so I can create an audio with my voice only while I address questions or speak in general. No one's voice would be recorded or published unless agreed upon.


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