Saturday, January 28, 2012

How Coming Out of the Closet, Let's God In

How Coming Out of the Closet, Let's God In

In my past experiences as a lesbian, when I came out of the closet to my family and friends, I thought it was the best thing for me. Well, what I mean is as a young woman with feelings I did not know what to do with, at the time I thought it was best for me to tell what I was feeling than to keep it in and live a double life.

Now, with that being said, coming out also resulted to my breakdown of becoming the woman God wanted me to be. While at the time, I felt getting it all out in the air to those that mattered to me was good, I had opened up a can of worms I did not know would leach onto me for many years.

I do thank God for how he allowed things to happen in my life though. I can't imagine not expressing it to anyone, getting married, having kids and ultimately destroying my life as I may have been on the down low. Yes, even women live on the down low too.

Though I would have rather not lived a life of homosexuality, if I had never revealed it, then how could God have changed me and delivered me? I know He used my sin to eventually turn me around and be a testimony for others. For those that never tell it and live in secret, they never allow God, in His time, to break the sin from them.

Are you living in secret as a lesbian or a homosexual? Have you kept it from everyone or those close to you? 

I know it may seem strange that God can bless someone even in their coming out phase but it is true. Coming out of the closet, unknowingly, allows God to do what He will in your life. For some like myself, it took years to hear God's voice, but thank God I did. 

By my being out and open at one time in the lifestyle, ultimately brought shame, conviction and guilt on my heart that I had never felt before. I felt like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden- naked, ashamed and running for fig leaves!

My 'coming out' became 'my coming into' God's will. Will you walk into God's will today?


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