Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank You to My EGGW Family

Thank You to My EGGW Family

I just wanted to thank all of the people who have supported me since I started this outreach through my blog here at Ex Gay, God's Way (EGGW) and True Ex Gay Talk (TXGT). I have met so many people through this blog since I started it last May, that I am amazed at the transformations that God has performed in their lives.

I love those who have a willing heart to change and not just for themselves but because they want to please God in all they do. 

I just wanted to thank you for entrusting me to help encourage and guide you to a full life of righteousness. We all have our own process but we are all getting there, one day at a time. 

Everyone that I speak to should know that I am always available to talk because this is a family we have built. I appreciate you all for accepting me as well because I need you too in my walk with Christ.

So I am just wanting to thank you again for those of you who read this blog daily and how we get together and encourage one another. 

If I have spoken with you (and there are many whom I speak to on a daily basis), then I hope you don't mind me keeping in touch. For those of you who read the blog yet I have not spoken to, you are welcome to contact me. I am very open, honest and as real as they come so you can feel very comfortable with me. I am only here to show you what God can do. He does the rest.

May God bless you everyday and He give you strength that surpasses your understanding.

God bless!


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Thank you, EGGW Staff

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