Thursday, January 12, 2012

Is Transgenderism a Psychological Issue or a Hormonal Issue? [VIDEO]

Is Transgenderism a Psychological Issue or a Hormonal Issue? [VIDEO]

This is a very important question. I have spoken to teens and adults who believe their transgender issues stem from a hormonal defect of some sort. Some transgenders or those in the process of changing their sex, feel they were born in the wrong gendered body.

What I try and explain to them is: whether you have same sex feelings or if you are wanting to be transgendered, it is a psychological issue one is dealing with not hormonal. While society is pushing children through their parents to take hormonal treatments to slow down the natural bodily process of a growing child, it is absolutely the wrong thing to do. If any parent is out their wanting to try hormones for your child, only because they say they don't feel like being a girl or a boy, you need to stop and think first.

Contrary to what experts tell us, hormonal treatment given to a underdeveloped child in order to 'let them decide' who they want to be, is against God's will and plan for their lives. A parent is doing a child a true injustice psychologically, emotionally, socially, physically, mentally and in every way possible.

If you are a teen or young adult that is not comfortable inside you body, you need to know God wants you to be exactly what He created you to be. By attempting or changing how He especially designed you with YOU in mind, is like insulting God- let alone grieving Him. What you actually need is to engage with people who deal with the same issues and who want to work out those feelings instead of acting on them.

It is the same as someone with same sex attraction or homosexual tendencies. A person sometimes only knows what they feel but do not know how they came about feeling this way. Just as transgenderism is not hormonal; homosexual feelings are not either. They are both psychological issues that can be worked out through deliverance in Jesus Christ.

Please do not believe the hype. You can change and be exactly what God created you to be. If you need someone to speak to, I am available. 

Check out this video of a man who had a full sex change and turned back. He is explaining in the video that transgenderism is not hormonal and the longtime effects of treatment.


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