Monday, January 2, 2012

Five Things to Do If You Still Struggle With Homosexual Feelings After Being Delivered

Five Things to Do If You Still Struggle With Homosexual Feelings After Being Delivered

I have been contacted by many people who continue to struggle with homosexual feelings after being delivered from the gay lifestyle and sin. I have found that there are five things that I have to do daily to keep my mind on God and away from the thoughts or desires of my past life.

Now, let me say this firstly to those who think if you still have gay feelings, you shouldn't fight it because you can't stop being gay. This is not true. Once a person has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, they are delivered from the sin they have given it over to God. This goes for any sin as well as homosexuality. So, you can't take it back even if you still have feelings. God doesn't take back our deliverance.

1) Prayer- You need to pray for God to give you strength  at this time. Even though you are praying for strength, God needs you to get close to Him. Whenever you find yourself struggling, always draw near to Him. If you spend more time in prayer, God will comfort you in this time of need.

2) Fasting- For those of you who can do so (health wise, that is), you should find time to fast. I have started to fast 5 days straight out of each month. I need God's word to be clearer to me. When I fast, all my defenses are down and He has my undivided attention. I receive more strength and power from fasting every time I do so. Fasting is highly effective along with prayer.

3) Eliminating distractions from your life. Sometimes we have things in our lives that cause distractions from giving God our all. We can sometimes have family, friends, work or personal things that distract us from being all we need to be for God. We can find ourselves so overcrowded with life's issues and problems that those old 'feelings' creep right in. Evaluate who you have in your life and what's going on around you so you can concentrate on Him and your work for Him.

4) Deal with your life's issues. You know, when we gave our life to Christ on that faithful day, we had all intentions on being everything we could be for Him. We may have even thought that homosexuality or some sexual sin would solve all of your problems. Well, you have probably realized that isn't the case. Truthfully, we all have more issues in our lives than just sexual sin and when we are delivered from that one, there are other issues that come to surface that we now see more clearly. So, what I did was find out why I still felt broken and started dealing with those issues. I realized this is a lifetime commitment and God gives me strength to conquer all the other things in my life.

5) Start concentrating on others. If you are struggling with homosexual feelings and have been delivered from it, start finding time to reach out to others. When we take the focus off ourselves and help one another, we can sometimes find what is causing our struggle. Many times when I helped someone else, I was able to see my own issue more clearly and why I struggled with things. God worked through me while I was helping to bring someone else out of the lifestyle. Its a remarkable thing what God can do through others.

So, those are the top five things that helped me and I continue to use them on a daily basis. I always remember, this is much bigger than me. It's not all about my struggle but the enemy's conquest for my soul. This is a bigger battle than just what I face. But what I do know is: As long as I deal with the struggles in the appropriate manner and not fall into sin, I am more than a conqueror and so are you.


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