Monday, January 30, 2012

For Discussion: Are Ex Gays Still On the Gaydar?

For Discussion: Are Ex Gays Still On The Gaydar?

I have had many people ask me this question and I have never addressed it here but I think its time to discuss it. I realize that being a homosexual or a lesbian, people feel there is some kind of sensor that gives off an instant attraction between two people or others that say "I'm gay too". This I believe many gays felt at one time or another. 

 But the issue is once someone is delivered from homosexuality or same sex attraction, are they still on what they call 'gaydar' radar? My answer to the question is simple. I believe that when a person was homosexual they naturally attracted other homosexuals. Even ex gays can still naturally feel or know whose gay. But do they have some branding on them that tells the world they used to be gay? Not necessarily. 

Let me break it down plainly if I may. Once a person has lived as a homosexual, they will know the spirit of homosexuality around them in people. Its all spiritual. Ex gays recognize the gay spirits because they used to live the lifestyle. Ex gays are interested in living for Christ not seeking out for gay dates and some gays appear to be on the prowl.

Now, what really is important here is keeping our minds on God and walking away from those that are 'looking out' for something. Let's face it, the world celebrates homosexuality in many ways and its all around us. If we don't keep our eyes on God and in His word, we can get distracted about who thinks we are gay. And trust me, Satan wants us to feel we have never changed.

So, if you feel like you have some 'gaydar' on you after being delivered, then you need to know that the enemy wants you to feel this way. Though God has delivered you and saved you, the enemy is not done trying to get your soul. 

Just remember that you belong to God now and Satan doesn't have a chance.


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