Our Mission

This organization was founded to help create healthy dialogue and talks about unwanted same sex attraction and how to live a righteous life for God.

Our mission here is to help anyone who feels trapped in homosexuality will be able to discuss it interactively on this site.

For those who want to live a righteous life according to the Bible and truly please God, direct talks to discuss the issue can help lead many down the path out of homosexuality and unwanted same sex attraction.
We will provide open and direct talks about the gay lifestyle, how it affects us and many other issues by allowing anyone who is serious about talking openly to finding the true path of righteousness. We will refer to the Bible, experience of ex-gays and current affairs and much more to create dialogue.

This site is not for those who want to debate whether becoming an ex-homosexual or lesbian is possible or not. The subject can be discussed but only to learn what God truly wants for all of us. We will only discuss positive ways through scripture, references and experience that enhance the discussion that anyone can be delivered from homosexuality and that it is a reality. With God all things are possible.

We will do this by posing questions, blog posts and news for our readers to answer as well as allowing anyone who needs to correspond with T. Marie for confidential guidance in ways to starting a new life in Christ without homosexuality.T.Marie will post information according to references, experience and scripture. Her personal experiences will often be included as a witness for others.