Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to Build Friendships with The Same Sex After Living as a Homosexual?

How to Build Friendships with The Same Sex After Living as a Homosexual?

This is really pretty straightforward. If you have lived as a homosexual or lesbian, you know that even after change, you have struggled in some ways, feelings for the same sex. I like to just keep it real. Though God saves us and for many, takes the desires for the same sex away, we may still struggle because now we are much more conscious of what we do. I don't remember ever being so in tuned with what I see, do or hear until I made a commitment to serve God.

To be able to build or maintain relationships after leaving the lifestyle, it just takes you being aware of who you are now. Because you are now changed and want to be changed, you need to concentrate on Him more. You can do this by praying, fasting and reading His word. Staying in tuned with His word will always keep you on the right track.

I believe all former lesbians and homosexuals will never, every forget their life back then but their focus is in another direction now. They have purpose and want to please God in all they do. 

By doing so, you are focusing on building healthy relationships with others and those desires are not going to be there like before. Though we are all tempted in many ways in life, your eyes on the prize is the key to it all.

Just remember you don't have to be bound. Don't let the enemy tell you, you can't change or live around people and have good healthy relationships because you can.

God bless.


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