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Another Test After Being Delivered from Homosexuality

Another Test After Being Delivered from Homosexuality

I was just thinking that we as former homosexuals have been tested, tried and tempted many times. It''s just like Jesus being tempted in the wilderness by Satan at every hand. 

Well, I wrote previously that I was faced with two tests the first year of being delivered from homosexuality. But I just had to mention one other but the difference in this one is it was many years later.

I had been delivered from the gay lifestyle over five years and what I had to deal with this time resulted in extreme growth in faith in God and my walk with Him overall. I remember living in Atlanta for a few years and I was pursuing my art career at the time and planning to open an art gallery there. I had met and networked with many artists and organizations to get this started. It was all a great plan as I thought.

So, I needed to work an extra job to get things going, and I took a job at a clothing store in town. I really did not like the job that much, but I was able to put away for my business and would only be working there for 6 months. I went to work and was even offered a managerial position but I turned that down because that was not my goal.

Anyway, I started noticing something a bit strange about the manager of the store. She seemed very quiet and peculiar to me. I really did not like her much because I thought she was on some kind of power trip but actually that was just a small part of her personality. She would literally sit in her office and talk on her cell phone all day long

Then, I started hearing rumors about her being a lesbian and people were complaining about how she would look at women at the job and flirt with them. I had not seen this coming from her but I did believe she was homosexual at that point. Well, her affections seemed to turn toward me and I saw clearly that she wanted people to know what she was. At this point, I tried to ignore it because I only had a few more months to save up and I'd be out of there. I wasn't going to worry about her issue because I have been saved from it. I hate to sound like that but this was before I started witnessing to other homosexuals and that I had not even shared my testimony with anyone. At that time, all I knew was I was trying to start my business and this job was helping me do it but I had no idea what God had in store for me.

As time went on, the atmosphere at the job was getting very uncomfortable. People were gossiping more about the manager and she was letting it all hang out by inviting her friends to the store while they walked and shopped together. This was absolutely becoming not worth my time because the 'mess' attached to my paycheck was disturbing my spirit. So, it all came to a head and many of us were confronted by corporate officials about the rumors going around about the manager. Yes! Corporate officials of this clothing chain flew in from out of town to get down to the rumors spreading around about management. Apparently, someone spoke to another employee at another store and they contacted corporate. 

So here I am being called in as well to discuss this rumor. As they tried, and I will use that word lightly, to interrogate me to see if I was involved in what they called 'malicious' behavior, I stopped them in their tracks. I told them I have too much integrity to involve myself in gossip about anyone. 'These people' I call them, had the audacity to make me feel like I would belittle a homosexual when, little did they know, I had lived the life once too. They were indignant to say the least and seemed to threaten me of losing my job.

I listened to them talk a bit more and something rose up in me and I told them I was a Christian and an ex homosexual. I told them that though I don't believe in the lifestyle, it was not my business to ridicule someone else if they are. The whole room froze in time as they could not believe what I had told them.

But to make a long story short, I told them to keep their job and I did not appreciate being accused. I took off my badge, got my belongings and left the store.

The amazing part of the story is soon after my quitting the job, I received a phone call from the manager. She called me and apologized for how I was treated and she knew I was not involved in gossiping. I told her I appreciated that and wished her well. She tried offering my position back, but I knew God did not want me there anymore. I had stated my claim and that was my job in the first place even though I did not know it. 

What I did do is speak with her before we hung up. I asked her had she been told about my testimony and she reluctantly stated she had heard about it. I told her even though I was changed, she could be too. She really did not want to address what I stated but she said she appreciated my words.

That ladies and gentlemen was my first call to witness to homosexuals. God put me in a place not to save up for an art gallery but to witness to the world about His saving grace.

I knew then that I was going to have to pursue God's call and I've been loving every minute of it.

Has God called you to share your testimony? You may never know what circumstances you will be put in, in order to help someone else. Will you answer the call?


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