Thursday, March 1, 2012

EGGW's Work Week Fast for March 5th thru March 9th!

EGGW's Work Week Fast Coming Soon!

Hello!! It's that time of the month again! This will be our 2nd fast of the year. I actually stayed on my fast for 3 weeks because I felt the need to do so last time. Its all up to you how long you feel you want to but I do suggest that if you did not do a full 5 days, to try and do so this time.

Remember: By fasting, I have found that our eyes are open; our ears can hear and we comprehend what God wants us to do. Fasting leaves us open to hear and receive God's word more clearly. It also breaks down our dependance on food which forces us to depend on God for physical strength. Basically, if you really want change in your life or want to hear God more clearly, you can accomplish it by fasting.

Our fast is 1 week out of the month. This would actually be a Monday thru Friday (Five days). Now, many people can fast for weeks on end and that is fine. It really is what is comfortable for you especially health wise. So advice you to consult your doctor as to what will be best for you.

I would like to invite anyone who wants to fast along with me on March 5th thru March 9th. We will be fasting with water only and then incorporate a protein shake in the evening around 5pm. You can go the entire 5 days fasting straight through without food if you can do so.

I just wanted to share this and invite anyone to fast, to get a Word from God and clearer understanding of their life.

Please contact me if you will join me in the fast for the week of March 5th thru March 9th. I'd like to be your support during the time of fasting as we help each stay strong.

God bless!


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