Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Message From T. Marie

Hello Friends,

I wanted to touch basis with you. I know its been a few weeks since I wrote here. I've busy with business and moving forward with my ministry. God has called me to expand my ministry and I will be helping the homeless, reclaiming real gospel music, supporting prison inmates and much more.

I have not abandoned this part of my ministry because this is dear to my heart because I have met so many people who want help out of homosexuality. For all of the people God has allowed me to minister to, I give Him all the glory and all the honor. It is because of my own deliverance out of this sin, that God is mandating me to reach others as well.

I just love speaking with people and sharing what I've been through as well. My hope is that I have truly helped those that have entrusted me with their hurt and pain. If I have, I know God is pleased with all of us.

Please be aware that I will continue to write and keep giving you informative words and information to help you in your walk with God or out of homosexuality. I will try to do so more often but if I slack please know why. I am planning to start another website that will provide all of my ministries and what I'm doing. When that is available, I will post it here.

I hope to speak to you all and remember you can contact me anytime if you need help or encouragement.

God Bless and you and I love you all with the Love of Jesus Christ!

-T. Marie


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