Sunday, September 18, 2011

How Can Girl's Basketball Turn Young Teen's Out Into Lesbians?

Tayshana 'Chicken' Murphy, murdered in Harlem

 How Can Girl's Basketball Turn Young Teen's Out Into Lesbians?

I found this article to be very interesting. It touches on the subject of how girl's basketball has been turning girls and women into lesbians.

The article is asking the question whether it is possible for the females to be influenced into a life of homosexuality by joining a basketball team.

Though I believe and know from others and myself that homosexuality starts from same sex attraction which is developed from some issues(s) from childhood, you will have to read this article to see how for years homosexuality is not only encouraged but in many ways mandated specifically in the girl's game of basketball.

It has truly taken on a different take as far as how same sex attraction really evolved.

Read the article below:

We have to speak on this subject because it has become too obvious. We are urged to do so in the wake of the senseless death of a bright young lady, Tayshana Murphy who was a basketball star at her high school but fell to her demise trying to protect her brother.

We are not trying to use this moment of her death to make mockery of her apparent lifestyle but we feel this is a time to open the discussion about how certain sport games can possibly turn our teen girls into their masculine counterparts.

What has caused us to speak on this is not her apparent tom-boyish personality and because she played basketball but the videotape of her friends on the news at her school after her death. Many of them speaking in the camera were females with an obvious 'masculine swagger'. They were possible fellow teammates of Tayshana Murphy but were dressed down in throw backs, baseball caps, french braided hair and total boyish mannerisms.

It appeared her friends were all young, black teen lesbian girls. They even pointed out Tayshana's girlfriend and her holding up a picture of them together.

Read entire article at AT2W

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