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What To Do When You Still Struggle with Same Sex Attraction?

What To Do When You Still Struggle with Same Sex Attraction? 

Originally posted Aug. 11, 2011

When I first became saved and delivered from homosexuality, I was so happy to be out of the lifestyle. All I did was think about how I was living before and knew God had taken me out of a pit and into the marvelous light. I was strong, faithful and praised God every chance I could get to stay in His presence.

This was great until the enemy reminded me that I used to be homosexual. Satan has a cunning way of making us remember what wrong we have done in our lives. If we give our lives over to God, he is lurking around for an opportunity get our minds back on the sin we have already been delivered from.

I heard one pastor say once, "The enemy works through thoughts, ideas and suggestions." I heard this while I had been delivered from homosexuality for nearly 3 years. The pastor pointed out that Satan knows how to get into our thoughts so we can think and ponder about what we used to do. He uses those thoughts to give us ideas about what we used to do. And through those ideas, he whispers suggestions in our ears in order to make us decide to do anything that will get us back into the homosexual lifestyle.

Now, during your walk with Christ, thoughts, ideas and suggestions will be whispered into your ear because Satan wants your soul back. Yes, I said he wants it back. You see, as long as we were living as homosexuals, bisexuals, fornicators, adulterers, etc, Satan had his hand on our souls. But guess what? When we gave our lives to Christ, Satan had to step aside because we are now under new management. God has papers on us and as long as we live for Him, Satan can not touch us.

So, when you hear the enemy's voice whispering in your ear and trying to suggest things to do that goes against God, remember who owns you. God already paid the price on the cross at Calvary, died and rose on the third day. As true, authentic, born again Christians, our names are written in the lambs Book of Life. We have eternal life and there is nothing that Satan can do about it.

Now, if you can see how struggling with same sex attraction after being delivered can happen, then you can see how important it is to keep your mind and thoughts on God throughout the day. This is what I do on a daliy basis to keep my mind on God which blocks the enemies attacks on my thoughts.

1) The first thing I do in the morning is pray and read my bible. I make time even before
work, school or play to give God His time. This is the key to building a close relationship
with Him. He will help you throughout the day at keeping your thoughts pure and on His goodness.
Make sure to pray and ask God to take away the feelings you have. He will hear your prayer.

2) I make sure I help someone each day. I call someone and offer my help or assistance. I
try and encourage anyone I can. Of course this is part of my ministry but this keeps my mind
on doing things for God and not about me. Helping other people takes your mind off your issues
and struggles and puts them where they should be: trying to give to someone else who needs
help. I promise you, this is the most rewarding thing you can do to please God and enrich
someone else's life along with yours.

3) Use your deliverance as a testimony for someone else. God did not save you from homosexuality to keep it to yourself. If you know someone whose struggling to get out of the lifestyle, offer speak with them or help them. If you were like alot of us, we didn't have people just waiting around to help us out of the lifestyle. Many of us were rejected and had nowhere to go for help. So, be there for someone else.

By doing these few things each day or often during the week, it will take your testimony and your deliverance to the next level. You will see more out of live than your struggle with same sex attraction. In fact, you will probably not struggle as much.


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