Saturday, March 24, 2012

Miriam Alexander- Out of Lesbianism in the Midst of Drugs Through Prayer

Miriam Alexander- Out of Lesbianism in the Midst of Drugs Through Prayer

Originally posted on 6/1/2012

Here's a powerful testimony of a girl growing up as a tom boy while following her father around. Miriam Alexander grew to have attraction to females and acted on it along with drugs, alcohol and club hopping. While she used drugs and attended church, she many times prayed to God to take her out of the destructive behavior. One day, Miriam Alexander was touched by God and cleansed and was rid of all desires for women. Through her drug abuse and lesbianism, she never gave up on humbly praying and seeking Him.

Watch this powerful testimony which will give you a perspective on what many gays are dealing with right now. Praise God!!

If you are struggling with homosexuality and want a way out, don't believe the negative hype. You CAN be delivered from being gay, God will do it for you as you come to Him with a open and humble heart. Please visit us True Ex-Gay Talk page to request an appointment to speak with T. Marie.

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