Tuesday, June 21, 2011

David Tyree Moves to Block 'Marriage Equality' in NY

David Tyree Moves to Block 'Marriage Equality' in NY

Tyree is standing firm on his beliefs against gay marriage. On Monday, he lobbied against 'marriage equality' at the state capitol in Albany. At the state capitol, Tyree stated:
“If we redefine marriage, we’re opening up the door for a whole different type of lawlessness to come in. “Who’s to say polygamists can’t have five wives after that?” added Tyree, who is known for an improbable catch in the final moments of the 2008 Super Bowl. “So it opens up the door for the moral fabric of our society to move in what I believe is a negative direction.”
When asked if he knew of any players in his league who were gay, he said no but added:
“I love them,” said Tyree. “I think they’re great guys. I hope my position doesn’t change their feelings toward me, but at the same time I have no desire to be politically correct or relevant. I’m a man of deep faith and conviction, and when it comes to something that I believe is as sacred as marriage, I don’t believe our state should be tampering with the definition of it.”
We need more supporters to traditional marriage.

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