Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pastor Ja'Von Crockett Testifies of His Ex Gay/Drag Queen Transformation

Pastor Ja'Von Crockett Testifies of His Ex-Gay Man/Drag Queen Transformation

Originally posted May 28, 2011

This is an awesome testimony of a man who was a prostitute, drug addict, gay man and drag queen. Now, nearly five years later, Pastor Ja'Von Crockett heard the call of the Lord one day that He was not pleased with his life.

Pastor Ja'Von Crockett found a church and a man of God that helped him see what God had in store for him. He opened his heart and mind to God and God did a mighty transformation in his life. Once he lived as a transsexual and now he's preaching the word of God as the man (male) God intended him to be.

Praise God and watch this young man and his testimony.

If you are struggling with homosexuality and want a way out, don't believe the negative hype. You CAN be delivered from being gay, God will do it for you as you come to Him with a open and humble heart. Please visit us True Ex-Gay Talk page to request an appointment to speak with T. Marie.

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