Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More People are 'Coming Out' But Many Have Been 'Called Out ' of Homosexuality

More People are 'Coming Out' But Many Have Been 'Called Out' of Homosexuality

The news as been filled with people from all walks of life announcing that they are coming 'out of the closet'. We've heard many of them from gospel singer DeJuaii Pace, CNN anchor Don Lemon to sports executives and others. Its a sad day and age that everyone feels the need to 'come out' and let the world know what their sexual preference is.

I remember before I was delivered from homosexuality nearly 12 years ago, it was not about letting the world know what I was. I was disillusioned into thinking the same sex could fulfill something I was missing. But I was wrong. I think many people today that are coming out are more concerned with getting attention than finding love which can't be fulfilled as a homosexual. It may seem satisfying for a while but most people become increasingly depressed and dissatisfied because acting on same sex attraction does not solve their underlying problems.

There are underlying issues that many persons with same sex attraction or homosexuals are not dealing with from their childhood, family life, developmental problems, social problems and many others. So, instead of dealing with past or present emotional pain, the same sex attraction appears to be the focus of their life and identity.

But I have to say that ever since President Obama lifted the ban or repealed the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" military policy and his public interest in gay marriage, we have seen more and more people 'coming out of the closet' than ever before. More states are passing into law the legalization of gay marriages and civil unions for same sex partners along with the passing of bills for homosexual studies in public schools.

Even with all of this, which is disheartening for an ex-gays or ex-lesbians, there are many people being 'called out' of the homosexual lifestyle. Like myself, there are several individuals who have accepted Christ and turned their lives around and walked away from homosexual lifestyles. Its truly a blessing to see so many people being 'called out', as ex-lesbian Janet Boynes, would call it. Many ex- homosexuals would be myself, T. Marie Phillips, author and minister Janet Boynes, Pastor D.L. Foster, Charlene Cothran, and many others.

When I gave my life to Christ over a decade ago, I never imaged that all of the gay rights and public images of homosexuality would have reached a point to it being headline news everyday. I finally answered my Father's call to not let my deliverance from homosexuality be' my secret' but share my life and experiences of staying on the path of righteousness after leaving the lifestyle.

So I want to encourage anyone that is struggling with same sex attraction or homosexuality and want out, to not be deterred nor discouraged by the public display of acceptance for gays you may see everyday in the news. The bible spoke about how homosexuality among other things will run rampant on earth and this is the time. But if people today can give their lives to Christ in the midst of this generation as others have many years before, anyone can. It doesn't matter how long you've lived this way, but as long as you make a decision to for change now. God loves you and He wants to save you from a lifestyle that is destructive and displeasing to Him.

I was homeless and lost when I finally came to Jesus and if I can it and some many others can do it, then anyone can.

If you need assistance on getting on the road to living your life without homosexuality and living for Christ, please go to my Contact page.

If you are struggling with homosexuality and want a way out, don't believe the negative hype. You CAN be delivered from being gay, God will do it for you as you come to Him with a open and humble heart. Please visit us True Ex-Gay Talk page to request an appointment to speak with T. Marie.

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